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Contract posted on April 25, 2024

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England, UK


True Worth Consulting Ltd

Project / Programme Manager
6 months contract
HR Transformation  Remote / Some travel to the Midlands and South East, occasionally. 
RATE – TBA (Around the £400-£500 per day mark possibly)

We’re working with a large UK retail / leisure business, and they are going through a large change programme including the implementation of a brand new HR system.

There are multiple other projects linked to and running alongside the HR implementation including, Website, Reservation System, a Data Platform, Active Directory Networks/Transition (possibly splitting of them), Wage / Staff rotation / systems.   

We’re seeking a technical Project / Programme Manager to act as a go between and effectively ‘man mark’ (Apologies football terminology) stay close to these multiple workstreams and have a technical understanding of the challenges around ‘Change Management’ for a major HR transformation programme. You will ensure that if things go off course then you can get people back on track and get them to articulate what they want or need.   

Profile of person This would be a skilled and experienced Programme or Project Manager with the right technical experience or expertise in delivering previous HR implementation projects.

  • 6-8 years of Project / Programme Management
  • Experience in delivering HR Transformation / Implementation Projects 
  • Experience of Change Management, engaging multiple stakeholders across a large business
  • Ensuring that other projects that might be delayed are brought back on track
  • Some technical project management experience with data projects, Active Directory and HR systems
  • Someone who can stay close to a number of different work streams that are critical to the project
  • A further understand the challenges of delayed projects. For example, the AD is moving, what would the implications be for other projects, and can the risk be mitigated?
  • You must have ‘gravitas’ and experience to push back and challenge people without “upsetting the apple cart”.